Video: Quantum Effects in Photosynthesis – FermiLab

The video and slides for my talk for undergraduates at FermiLab can be found here:

Quantum Effects in Photosynthesis [RealPlayer video link].

This is a good introduction to my research. If you are curious about what I do, by all means watch it.

[I know RealPlayer is so 1998 and sucks, I’m trying to get the file in another format from the FermiLab people.]

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Picture of Obama Feigning Interest in Excitonics

Flipping through the NY Mag photo gallery titled A History of Obama Feigning Interest in Mundane Things, I found a picture of Excitonics Center‘s Vladimir Bulovic.

Click for A picture of Obama Feigning Interest in the Excitonics Center

The old story of Obama’s visit can be found here.

Dr. Peter Venkman : Back off man. I’m a scientist.
-Ghost Busters