Published Paper: Non-Markovian Open Quantum Systems

Our paper, Non-Markovian Open Quantum Systems: System-Environment Correlations in Dynamical Maps has been published!

Abstract: We construct a non-Markovian dynamical map that accounts for systems correlated to the environment. We refer to it as a canonical dynamical map, which forms an evolution family. The relationship between inverse maps and correlations with the environment is established. The mathematical properties of complete positivity is related to classical correlations, according to quantum discord, between the system and the environment. A generalized non-Markovian master equation is derived from the canonical dynamical map.

You can read it for free for the next couple of weeks in: International Journal of Quantum Information Volume: 9, Issues: 7-8 (2011) pp. 1617-1634

Author: minustwofish

I am a quantum physicist.

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