A lot of traveling

I’ve been traveling a lot lately, you might have noticed how I have been unable to update the blog frequently. Here is a quick update of where science has taken me.


Dresden – There I visited the group of Wanter Strunz. They are experts in open quantum systems and quantum optics, and we had much to discuss about open systems with initial system-environment correlations. Dresden has some stunning architecture.

UlmSusana Huelga invited me to the beautiful city of Ulm. I’m friends with many people in her group, and this was a great opportunity to catch up, and discuss some new research ideas.


Hong KongGuanHua Chen invited to Hong Kong University where we worked together on open quantum systems, master equations and quantum transport. Also, during these days, I was able to participate in the CECAM Workshop on Simulating and Modeling Emerging Electronics. This was a fantastic conference where I learned about the challenges of nano-electronics. This was a fun and intense visit. Fun, because Hong Kong is a very fun city to explore, and has amazing food. Intense, because the conference was very productive, with a lot of ideas flying around.

Author: minustwofish

I am a quantum physicist.

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