Outreach: Back to La Iupi

I just came back from Puerto Rico, into the Bostonian winter.

Although I had a very brief opportunity to see my people back home, the main purpose of the trip was work. Several young professors from the Chemistry and Chemical Biology department at Harvard have started an effort to outreach, but for real. The main purpose of the program is to visit universities with a big population of under-represented minorities. I proposed to go to Universidad de Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras. I still have many friends there, and it was very good to see again so many professors that gave me many opportunities as an undergrad to grow as a researcher. Without their support, I wouldn’t be a physicist now.

The outreach activity was very successful. The people at the Resource Center for Science and Engineering did an amazing job of coordinating the activity. We were able to talk to many researchers there, and spent a good day with many talented science undergraduate students from all around the island. I’m sure new collaborations will grow from this.

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