I’ve been traveling a lot for work, and I’m finally catching up. Last May I was in Melbourne, visiting my old friend and collaborator Kavan Modi at Monash University. We worked more on Operational Characterization of Non-Markovian Processes, a project we have been working on for some time now. As an aside, discussing random ideas,  we got some interested results on an operational definition of detailed balance. Once they are more mature, I’ll post more here. Him and his group kept me very busy, I gave 3 different talks to different audiences.

I really enjoyed Melbourne, it reminded me of San Francisco, but friendlier and more laid back. Coffee was incredible! Food also was very good, I particularly loved the big Melbourne breakfasts,  like avocado toast.


We went to the fantastic Victoria Market to purchase some exotic meats.


I really enjoy the Wallaby. Kangaroo was good in both cuts, much better quality than other cheap Kangaroo cuts I’ve had before.

Melbourne is very vibrant and full of parks. One night we some possums at the park.


We also saw a fox, but we couldn’t capture it on camera. Later that night we saw a very interesting person in the tram.


I honestly don’t know if this was someone in need of help, or if it was some clever modern theatrical performance.

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I am a quantum physicist.

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