Blackboards of Physics

Theoretical physicists rely on their blackboards like priests on their pulpits, or like news anchors on their desks. We have very strong opinions about them. Markers vs Chalk? If you like markers, what brand of markers, and how thick? And then, do you write on the whiteboard, the glass window, or just simply, special wall paint? If you like chalk, what kind of chalk? Different brands crumble in different ways. Do you like colored chalk? Do you prefer to write on green or black board?

I am old fashioned about this. I like white chalk on black boards. But, I found that I’m allergic to chalk dust, and I’ve been forced to use markers on white boards now.

There is a photographic art exhibit about the Blackboards of Quantum Physicists. Some pictures are cool. In some others, I feel that the physicists tried to ruin how authentic the writing were, either by making them too nice, or by trying to sabotage them. Either way, I think this kind of works as a way to convince the public to not be scared by our crazy equations.

Author: minustwofish

I am a quantum physicist.

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