People Do Science

Have you ever wondered how is science done? Why do people do it? What is the output? What is success, what is failure? Check out this wonderful one hour long documentary, Naturally Obsessed.

It follows a group of graduate students in a molecular biology laboratory. Independent of the details of their science, the focus is on where the people (grad students) doing it: their backgrounds, their personal lives, and their emotions in the laboratory. This is a vivid and clear exposition of the human aspect of doing science, without Hollywood drama, without heroic altruism. Science is enough drama on its own. Highly recommended.

Lisa: You should really listen to him. He’s a man of science, and you can barely read.
Homer: Bah, science. Has science ever kissed a woman, or won the Super Bowl, or put a man on the moon? Here’s what I think of your precious science. (Goes full speed into a blood vein. Submarine begins to go out of control) Help me science!

Author: minustwofish

I am a quantum physicist.

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