Nature: on writing popular-science books

Nature interviewed science popularizer Carl Zimmer about how to write popular science books. That is all.

Leck mich im Arsch!
Laflt froh uns sein!
Murren ist vergebens!
Knurren, Brummen ist vergebens,
ist das wahre Kreuz des Lebens.
Drum laflt uns froh und frehlich sein!
Lick me in the ass!
Let us be cheerful!
Grumbling is in vain!
Growling, droning is in vain,
is the true bane of life.
Thus let us be cheerful and merry!
-canon in B-flat major composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, K. 231 (K382c)

Author: minustwofish

I am a quantum physicist.

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